Welcome to Lion. Your single source, Workforce Supply Specialists. All the vital supplies you need for your workforce in one place.

You are investing too much time and money on building an effective procurement strategy, and it still isn't working.

Your projects may start or finish off track because your team's workwear protection or equipment is always delivered late or wrong.

You are spending more money than you predicted because the promised quality of the safety products is not real.

You have delays with the administrative team's work, as their processes for obtaining quotes, processing orders, and receiving deliveries are too slow.

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Vision: To be the Workforce Supply Specialists.

Mission: Make life easier for workforce supply chains.

            Bring confidence and reliability to every  workforce supply chain in the UK.

Lion Safety Reliable Supply Chain

We have strong supplier selection criteria for building an effective and reliable supply chain, ensuring that you get an excellent product lifecycle and value for your money, whether you opt for sustainable or non-sustainable options.

A POWERFUL on-time plan to drive safety and long-term saving (1)

Your business and the challenges you face are as unique as you are. Our onboarding process ensures that we fully understand how we can assist you in achieving your safety goals and becoming a hassle-free safety partner for your company.


Your personal guarantees will ensure that you can relax knowing that you're covered. You can have peace of mind, knowing that you have access to all the necessary tools and supplies needed to complete your projects without delay.

PPE Recycling Solutions.

Although the safety of the end user is our top priority, we're also committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. By implementing initiatives such as textile shredding and other end-of-life solutions, we strive to enhance the value of your brand through sustainable practices.


Welcome to Lion - The workforce supply specialists.

As your single source supply partner Lion are here to keep your workforce working.

We specialise in supplying your business with the vital workplace products it needs to keep your colleagues safe and your business operational.

Our extensive product portfolio covers;

Workwear, PPE, Tools & Equipment, Workplace Supplies, Cleaning & Hygiene.

Having been in business for over 33 years, our family owned and run business has become a staple name in 1000’s of companies across the UK looking to save time and money.

Here's how it works:

LION Plan drive safety and long-term savings
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See the results you can achieve when you partner with LION 

"They give us what we actually require, value for money. Excited to have all the processes from product to recycle."   Elaine Brown, Procurement Manager, Tayside Contracts

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