Who is LION?

LION is a third-generation family business based in central Scotland and we implement solutions for supply and savings.

LION provides pivotal safety solutions for demanding infrastructure organisations and associated entities in need of PPE, Safety Workwear and Equipment. We are a client-focused organisation whose mission is to ensure that you get the safety equipment you need and save money long-term. We don’t shy away from that. LION helps increase your bottom line, reduce waste and make sure your staff are looked after. We don’t seek to reduce the quality of any product by offering cheap. We offer the right fit for every application. We want to help you protect your employees and we do so by honing three key areas: education, legislation, and team focus.


LION is a family-owned and operated organisation based in Falkirk, looking to create meaningful working partnerships with infrastructure organisations. Our journey began in 1991 when our founder, Phil Lewis, recognised a gap in the infrastructure supplies market and responded by building a company that provides responsibly sourced high-quality industrial workwear and safety supplies.

30 years later, and led by third-generation sons, family is still at the heart of everything we do (and our leadership team)!

We are known in our industry for our strong ethics, honesty and commitment to finding the best-fit products for your organisation. We continue to meet the industry’s high standards and break the mould of a ‘standard safety supplier’; LION has much more to offer than that. We believe in partnerships with our clients; we want to help you achieve your high-level business goals with our framework for success.


Scale and Scope

LION can supply a variety of safety workwear and equipment to protect your employees from the top of their heads down to the tips of their toes. We supply products in the following areas:

Our bespoke service is second to none: we take all the pain away from buying PPE, safety workwear and equipment.

These are the most common sources of headaches for Organisational Leaders:

  • Too many opinions internally to make a decision
  • Oversaturated market making it impossible to pick products
  • Late and split deliveries mean your workers can’t do their jobs
  • Low stock availability means you can’t find the right kit for your workers
  • Bad customer service
  • Subpar products that don’t last or aren’t compliant
  • Lots of legislation

Do any of these sound familiar? LION has focussed on all of these key areas to provide solutions to these problems, ensuring your buying experience is pain-free!

Our solutions include:

  • Process improvement to review PPE and workwear to ensure the many opinions in your organisation don’t drown out the purpose of those vital discussions.
  • Easy product selection from a core list of products that are always in stock
  • Next-day delivery on core stock items and branded/unbranded items if LION hold stock for you
  • Instant stock availability with stockholding and transparency of available stock through our web portal. This means you always know how much stock you have available.
  • Outstanding personal service with a dedicated account manager, our online portal is set up to fit your needs and in-house subject matter experts to answer any questions you may have about the legislation, specifications or anything else!
  • Best-fit products: there are no bad products, only better or worse-fit products for you.


LION offers an all-inclusive package when you buy from us:

Free branding (embroidery and heat-seal)

Free personnel packing

Free bespoke online portal set-up with quarterly reports and stock usage analysis

Free stockholding and forecasting

We don’t believe in hidden costs: your quote is what you pay for.



Workplace safety should not cost us the Earth that we share. That’s why LION is pioneering a sister organisation to ensure that you can return your products at the end of their life to be:

  • Shredded to go back into the supply chain (stuffing, matting, padding, etc)
  • Burned for clean power
  • Re-use components in the supply chain (zips, buckles, fastenings, etc)

Recycling these products for clean energy or to be used elsewhere in the supply chain means you can be certain your workwear and PPE aren’t going to landfill.

Our key suppliers all have sustainable ranges and are advanced in their sustainability journeys, and we are confident that for the sustainability-conscious buyer; LION has a solution for you.

How does LION operate?

Our process is simple and effective; when you want to move forward with us, our next steps are:


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