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UNCOVERED: Our Cop26 volunteer uniforms

We’re super proud to announce that our Cop26 volunteer uniforms have finally been unveiled.

The uniforms will be worn by over 1,000 volunteers at next month’s 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Made entirely from recycled and sustainable fabrics, in line with our sustainability ethos, they’re practical, colourful, comfortable – and stylish, if we say so ourselves!

So what’s included? A range of seasonal items including an insulated jacket, a soft shell jacket, fleece, trousers, hoodie, polo shirt, gloves, a backpack and a warm hat.

Each uniform will be delivered inside the volunteer’s backpacks, to ensure they’re free of plastic packaging.

Each volunteer will also receive a commemorative recycled tag stating that a tree has been planted in their honour.

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Susan Aitken said: “Seeing our volunteers together in their uniforms is a milestone moment in our volunteer programme as we mark one month to go until COP26 gets underway in Glasgow.

“Our volunteers come from all walks of life, united in their passion to protect our planet and represent their city. These colourful and sustainable uniforms officially signify the volunteers’ place within this hugely significant global event and I’m sure they are all extremely excited to get started.”

We hope the volunteers are as proud of wearing their uniforms as we are of making them.

COP26 will take place at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow between 31 October – 12 November 2021