Trip accidents can easily be prevented.

Most of the time these are caused by poor housekeeping, trailing cables, uneven or damaged floor surfaces.


Here are the top 5 things to focus on to help prevent trip accidents from occurring.

1. Clear walkways

By keeping walkways clear, you can quickly reduce the potential for injury. An unobstructed path minimizes the opportunity for an employee to trip over an unexpected object. We would recommend having suitable storage solutions like Armorgard Boxes & Lockers.

2. Signage
Using clear, well-placed signage can help call attention to potential problem areas. Using a sign to indicate a step, gap, uneven ground or loose rocks will increase awareness and attentiveness. Reflective tape can also be used to highlight problem areas.

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3. Stairways
Are the top and bottom stair marked with reflective tape? Stairs are a common area for falls in the workplace and additional care is often required to reduce the risk of injury. Use reflective tape on the top and bottom star to help workers stay attentive and aware.

4. Manage cords

With power, internet and phone cords throughout the workplace it is easy to see why there are so many trip accidents.

Use these cable covers to reduce trips and also to keep wires and cables free from water-damage, harmful chemicals that may cause fires or explosions, and electrical shortages.

5. Make sure that the floors are undamaged.
Make sure there are no cracks or holes in building flooring or in the pavement outside. Repair any problem areas immediately and be sure to place warning signs in/on/around areas that need to be fixed.



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