Slips, trips and falls account for 31% of workplace accidents!*

 *according to RIDDOR 2017/18 stats.




How much money are you prepared to pay?

Every day across the UK, staff and employees in every business are looking to put claims worth millions and millions of pounds into their employers for accidents at work that could have been prevented. In fact, one of your staff could be launching a claim against you right now.
To help avoid the rising cost of claims against your business please make sure you have the right safety processes and equipment in place. Safety costs nothing, until you have an accident. It then costs everything. Your profit, your career, your business and the lives of those you are responsible for.

Look at the below table to see just how much money your workers could be claiming from your company!

  Back Injury (minor) £6,000- £9,500    
  Back Injury (moderate) £9,500- £21,100 Dependent on ongoing pain, severity of initial damage  
  Back Injury (severe) £29,475- £122,350 Dependent on ongoing pain, severity of initial damage and long-term side effects  
  Brain damage (less severe) £11,650- £32,700    
  Brain damage (moderate) £32,725- £166,600 Driven by considerations such as effect upon concentration, cognitive ability, memory and senses (sight, hearing etc.)  
  Brain damage (moderately severe) £166,500- £214,350 Including brain damage causing partial paralysis  
  Brain damage/ head injury (minor) £1,675- £9,700    
  Brain damage (severe) £214,350- £307,000    
  Damage to cheekbone (serious fracture) Up to £13,000    
  Damage to cheekbone (simple fracture) £1,900- £2,500    
  Damage to the jaw bone (serious fracture) Up to £38,000    
  Damage to the jaw bone (simple fracture) £5,400- £7,400    
  Foot injuries £10,450- £53,200 Depending on severity  
  Knee injuries £10,450- £73,125 Depending on severity  
  Leg injuries £6,925- £103,250 Depending on severity  
  Loss or damage of several teeth Up to £9,600    
  Loss or damage to one tooth Up to £3,300    
  Major fracture to wrist or arm Up to £51,000    
  Minor fracture to wrist or arm £2,900- £3,700    
  Neck injury (minor) £3,300- £6,000    
  Neck injury (moderate) £6,000- £29,250 Dependent on actual neck damage suffered and loss of motor movement plus ongoing pain  
  Neck injury (severe) £34,575- £112,750 Dependent on the severity of the break, plus ongoing pain and permanent side effects  
  Quadriplegia £246,750- £307,000 Also known as Tetraplegia  

Major causes of slips and trips

See the below list of some of the major causes of slips and trips at waste management sites and possible solutions.

- Spillages

  • Can the spillage be prevented?
  • Clear away spillages immediately.
  • Do you have suitable materials to clear away wet spillages (eg absorbent pellets or SORB)?
  • If spillages of items are inevitable or where floors may remain wet for some time (eg after cleaning), warn and divert pedestrians using barriers and signs.

- Trailing cables, hoses & wires

  • Position electrical or water outlets so as to minimise the need for trailing cables and hoses.
  • Position equipment to avoid pedestrian routes.
  • Restrict pedestrian access.
  • Use suitable covers for pipes and cables.

- Office rugs, mats, lino & tiles

  • Ensure they are securely fixed and have no curling edges.
  • Select suitable floor coverings taking into account expected wear and tear.
  • Keep in a good state of repair.

- Slippery surfaces

  • Minimise pedestrian traffic.
  • Use suitable floor cleaners & absorbents.

- Changes from wet to dry floor surface

  • Provide doormats, foot-scrapers, etc to prevent water/mud being walked onto dry floors.
  • Change footwear if necessary or provide overshoes
  • Warn of risks using signs.

- Poor lighting

  • Improve lighting levels, keep bulbs clean & replace fused bulbs.
  • Do your employees work in low-light conditions and require head torches?

- Changes in floor level-slopes and steps

  • Improve lighting levels.
  • Add high-visibility tread boards, floor markings and tape if needed.

- Unsuitable footwear

  • By law, employers are required to provide special protective footwear free of charge for certain types of work.
  • Are employees aware of your rules regarding wearing appropriate footwear?
  • What do you do to ensure they wear suitable footwear?

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A slip, trip or fall at work can lead to injuries or death.


Slips happen when there isn’t enough friction or traction between your feet and the surface you’re walking on. Common causes of slips include wet or oily floors, spills, loose mats, and flooring that lacks the same degree of traction in all areas.

Trips happen when your foot strikes an object, causing you to lose your balance. Workers trip due to a variety of reasons, including clutter in walkways, poor lighting, uncovered cables, drawers being left open and wrinkled carpeting or rugs.

To help prevent slips and trips, we recommend doing the following:

  • Clean up spills immediately. If this isn't possible, place warning signs for workers.
  • Keep walkways and hallways free of debris, clutter and obstacles.
  • Keep filing cabinets and desk drawers shut when not in use.
  • Cover cables or cords in walkways.
  • Replace fused light bulbs promptly.
  • Consider installing abrasive floor mats or replacing worn flooring.
  • Encourage workers to wear comfortable, properly fitted shoes.

Slips and trips in the outdoor workplace

As rain, puddles, mud, ice and poor lighting increase the risk of accidents in outdoor areas, you should consider the following:

  • eliminate the use of rough ground where this can reasonably be achieved. Some activities may be better moved to suitable concreted areas;
  • keep rough ground as level as possible. In some cases, regular levelling may be needed to remove ramps, areas of subsidence, deep vehicle wheel ruts etc. Pedestrian routes over rough ground should be suitably designated, marked and maintained;
  • improve drainage to remove standing water. Consider the benefits of laying chippings, treating footpaths in frosty weather and improving lighting.


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