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Every day, we help our partners, across a spectrum of infrastructure organisations , to meet the challenges of working in busy, fast-moving and dangerous workplaces. We love working with demanding organisations who are working in tough environments, with strict deadlines and tight budgets. We love the challenges, the challenges and the problem solving.

Fiercely protecting workforces is the reason we’re in business. It’s in our DNA, and it’s why we’re continually developing and evolving our product line to be the very best it can be.

Getting your supplies to you quickly, easily and seamlessly – with our WOW personal service – is also Number one our priority list. We are a family run business with a team of professional people. The focus and the energy is on you, the customer, and we strive to deliver better on every opportunity.

Rail, Road & Aerospace Sector

We supply high-quality industrial workwear and safety supplies to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of workforces within the rail, road and aerospace sectors. Comfort & Visibility is crucial in these environments keeping everyone dry, safe and working.

Telecoms & Energy Sector

The backbone of our communication, connection and energy supplies we ensure telecoms and energy workforces are fully equipped with the workwear and personal safety supplies they need. A team of professionals that have to work out in all weathers to keep us communicated and warm they cannot be short on supplies. Stock availability and delivery to any location, fast, is crucial to keep this workforce moving.

Emergency & Health Sector

Those in the health and emergency sectors do all they can to keep us safe, day in, day out. The work is demanding and we’re proud our partners within these sectors continue to entrust us to ensure they have the correct supplies when they need it. Sterile products are key along with robust supply chains to manage peaks in demand. We partner up with many care establishments to ensure continued flow of certified products. Budgets are tight and consistency is king.

Water & Sewage Sector

Sometimes the unseen army in our infrastructure sector those working in water and sewage have a demanding role to play. Ensuring the flow of waste and water is absolutely crucial and here more than ever it is important staff are kept safe. Correct PPE can mean the difference between good and bad health in this environment. Its a thankless job where workers need protection day and night. Immediate PPE back up and support is key.

Civils & Utility Sector

Civils & Utilities workers are carrying out some of the most dangerous tasks daily. Protection from fire, static build up and arc flashes are the order of the day and don’t stop day or night. Having the highest quality equipment quite literally could mean the difference between life or death in this environment. Expert advice is on hand and product quality and certification is crucial.

Government Sector

Within the Government sector we work with a vast number of professionals daily who look after our local communities. From Police to Fire and Local Authorities, we are proud to be on a number of key supply frameworks including Scotland Excel, APUC, YPO, Crown Commercial Service and many more. We most recently delivered an exciting sustainable clothing project to Glasgow City Council, who awarded us the contract to design and produce sustainable uniforms for its 1000 volunteer workforce for the 26th Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 26) in 2021.
Easily order online at or request a quote. You can also save your basket so that you can repeat an order. You will also have customised control of ordering for onsite or satellite staff. We offer an outstanding service, sorting each employee’s workwear and PPE into an individual pack. We also give free consultations on fit-for-purpose safety wear.

You can reach out to us 24/7. Our sales and customer service team will keep in contact with you. Our usual office opening times are 7:30-17:00 Monday-Friday.

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