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What is the lead time to order safety workwear?

By Amy Hope

When you get a quote from any PPE supplier, it isn’t just about price. Sometimes, the lead time is the biggest deciding factor in whether or not you accept a quote. In the safety workwear industry, lead times are a BIG deal because long lead times can have negative consequences, such as:


  • Project delays
  • Staff left without the appropriate workwear
  • Risk of non-compliance with safety regulations

The list goes on.

As the Business Development Assistant here at Lion Safety, it is my job to make sure you get your quotes and answer any questions you may have about the safety products we sell. The question of lead times from quote acceptance to delivery is one I get asked every day.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about lead times.

We’re going to cover:



How long will it take for me to get my items?

The answer to this question depends on what product you have ordered and whether or not it is a part of our core stock range.


Core stock range

If the item is part of our core stock range, we will have it on the shelf ready to go. This means that you could have your items in up to 4 working days if you do not require branding on the item. We offer next-day delivery on items that are core stock and non-branded.

If you require branding, it can take an additional 3-10 days depending on the type of branding and whether or not we have your branding information on file.


Non-core stock range

If your order is not from our core stock range, your lead time will be longer.

If we don’t have your item in stock, but our supplier does these are the time frames you will get your order in if you do not require branding:


Non-technical Clothing


Polo Shirts3-4 days3-4 days
Sweatshirts3-4 days3-4 days
Ballistic Trousers3-4 days3-4 days
Cargo Trousers3-4 days3-4 days 
Softshells3-4 days7-8 days
Fleeces3-4 days7-8 days
Jackets7-8 days


Technical Workwear


Hi-Vis Clothing3-4 days3-4 days3-4 days10 days
Arc Flash Clothing3-4 days


Footwear and Gloves


 V12RodoJust1SourceUltimate Industrial
Footwear3-4 days3-4 days
Gloves3-4 days3-4 days

If our supplier does not have your items in stock, it is much harder to put a time frame on this. In this instance, I would recommend an alternative item from our core range.


Alternative Products

If we do not have the item you want, we will likely recommend an item from our core stock range. This is because they are always on our shelf, ready to go. This range was picked carefully to best service the areas and industries we operate in with the high-quality products. Our core stock model is designed to make these items available for next-day delivery.

Any alternative that we give you will be to an equivalent or higher specification. Sometimes, there is not a direct alternative, in which case your account manager will work with you to find an option better suited to your requirements.

There will be additional costs if you require an alternative product that is more expensive.


What can I do if there are no alternatives available to the product I need?

If this is the case, your account manager is there to guide you through finding another product that will still meet your requirements. It can be helpful here to reassess the task and job at hand with your account manager to decide on the next best fit product. We also have in-house subject matter experts who can help you with specifications and other technical obstacles.


What can I do if the lead time is too long?

You have a few options here:


  • If your item is not a part of our core stock range, we can suggest an alternative that is of the same or higher quality specifications.
  • We can work with you to find a better-fit product with a shorter lead time. This might be core stock, or if that range is not what you want, we can look into other options for you. Please note: when making special orders from different suppliers they will be subject to minimum order quantities.
  • We can recommend another supplier to you that may be better suited for this occasion. This would depend on what products you require.


What affects my lead time?

There are lots of things that affect a lead time, but the biggest contender is products becoming out of stock. We have a whole article dedicated to this question, called ‘What can I do if an item I need is out of stock?’. I would recommend giving this document a read, as it offers an in-depth look into every aspect of out-of-stock items and what you can do to minimise your chances of having this happen to you.

Other things you can do to ensure you get your products on time:


  • Don’t sit on your quote!

If you are happy with a quote and know you are going to go forward with it, don’t wait until the last minute to give the thumbs up to your supplier. This is particularly important if you have a time scale you need to have received your items within, and if you need them branded this is even more crucial.


This is a great option if you know you are going to need regular PPE orders over a project or for the foreseeable future. We can also hold branded stock for you, which can cut out the lead times for branding altogether, meaning you will get your branded PPE items next day delivery.


How can I cut the lead time of my order?

It’s important that your have your safety workwear in hand and ready to use as soon as possible.

If you want to receive an order quickly, my top tips for you are:


  • Order from our core stock range. Seriously, this will cut your lead time in half and you will receive your item the next day.


  • Arrange a branded or unbranded stock holding agreement. This is especially effective for clients who need branded stock, clients who require large quantities of stock at short notice, and clients who require stock that is not a part of our core range. If we are holding the stock for you, you will be able to get this the next day.


  • If you need to buy from Lion Safety today, you can see on our portal which items are in stock and which are not before you order them.

Receiving a quote doesn’t have to be the end of a conversation; if anything it should be the beginning. If you have received a quote from us and want to discuss it, or address any other questions you might have, book a call with me today.


Amy Hope

Business Development Assistant


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