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How can LION Help me Eradicate the 7 Biggest Problems with Buying PPE, Workwear and Safety Equipment?

You’re no stranger to the problems in the PPE market. In fact, I’d wager you’re here because you want to stop having to deal with those problems.

In the 3 decades we’ve been in the safety industry, we’ve learned valuable lessons when we’ve fallen into the traps of these problems and streamlined our service to ensure our clients don’t experience those problems when buying PPE, workwear and equipment. 

At LION, we promise our clients a seamless buying experience.

We’ve found that the top problems that people face when they are buying PPE, workwear and safety equipment are:

We’ve broken this down into sections to tell you more about how LION can help you to fix these problems. 

The Problem: Too Many Opinions

Having too many opinions that can influence your buying choices often leads to companies being unable to make clear, user-informed decisions. This creates more stress for your teams when staff are unable to move forward without having agreed on a product.  

The Solution: Manage Your Opinions

At LION we teach our clients how to improve their current processes of reviewing their PPE and workwear equipment. Whether this means working with existing PPE working groups or helping you to set up the internal structures you need to do this without a PPE working group, LION will teach you how to do this effectively yourselves. This means you never need to rely on a supplier to help you review your PPE and workwear equipment again. 

We also have a proven process of engaging all key decision-makers from the very beginning of your journey with us. This ensures that you are all on the same page and that you come to your conclusions together, instead of having to dodge the multitude of opinions flying at you. Our framework transforms this pain point into a strength. 

The Problem: Oversaturated Market

There are thousands of products on the market and hundreds of suppliers trying to sell them to you. How are you supposed to find the right products for your workers? 

The Solution: Easy Product Selection Process

We whittled our supply chain down to key, trusted suppliers to reduce the number of products we sell to a list of core items that we keep in stock all year round. 

We continually review the market for the best possible products out there that fit our customers’ requirements. 

We do this so that you don’t have to.

The Problem: Late and Split Deliveries

If you don’t get your kit on time, your workers can’t start their projects on time and that can lead to all sorts of other problems. 

The Solution: Fast Deliveries

LION offers next-day delivery on core stock items and will also hold your branded stock on the shelf available for next-day delivery if you have a branded stock holding agreement. 

If you are in Scotland, your orders will be delivered by our team of drivers. Anything south of the border is DPD (we are working on growing our fleet of vans to do more in-house deliveries). To maintain complete transparency, all of our deliveries are tracked and recorded.

The Problem: Low Stock Availability

When your supplier doesn’t have your items in stock, you end up waiting weeks for an order that you need. 

The Solution: Instant Stock Availability

When ordering from LION’s core stock range, you never have to wait for long lead times: our core stock is always in stock, on our shelves, and ready to go. 

Another way that LION can ensure stock availability, particularly if branded stock is a requirement for you, is with stock holding. That’s right, we can hold your stock, branded or unbranded, on our shelves to ensure that you get your items next-day delivery regardless of whether they are part of our core stock range. 

The Problem: Bad Service

Bad service can be so frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The Solution: Outstanding Personal Service

 As a family business, our values are very important to us. We are known in our industry for our ethics, our honesty and our commitment to finding the best-fit products for you. Our customers are the centre of everything we do, and we carry this through every part of our service. Our 6 core values are:

  • Make it personal
  • Make it easy
  • Move fast
  • Provide solutions
  • Have respect
  • Deliver WOW! 

We provide an outstanding customer experience and work as a team to ensure that we are always working towards improving that service.  

When you work in partnership with LION, you have a dedicated account manager who is your first port of call. Your account manager knows you, your requirements and the products you purchase from us like the back of their hand. This means that you don’t need to explain your account or your requirements every time you pick up the phone. At the end of every phone call is a familiar face that can help.

LION is also flexible in the way we take orders. We know that some clients still prefer to pick up the phone to order or order by email, and we are happy to facilitate that. 

That said, we think that the best way to order is through our online portal. Our bespoke portal makes ordering as easy as a few clicks. 

The online portal can set up employees with personal accounts. This multi-tiered system enables employees to purchase their PPE on a points-based system with key staff members set as approvers and primary users. This means that your staff are in charge of buying their products within the limits of a budget (or points) you set for them. Further control measures are to have each order go for approval to a key staff member to release. 

The Problem: Subpar Products

Getting subpar products puts your employees at risk, and you at risk.

The Solution: Best-Fit Products

LION has undergone a process of rationalising and eliminating products that we do not feel are up to par. The products that we kept formed our core stock range. This means that we always have these items in stock. 

While we can still facilitate products that are not on our core list, our core list has been put together because the items on it are tried, tested and of high quality. 

We would never sell a product to a client that we believed was subpar, or non-compliant. Our ethos is to find the best-fit product for your company. If it isn’t the best fit for your workers, it isn’t the right fit product. 

There isn’t a better or worse product, there is only a better or worse fit product.

The Problem: Lots of Legislation

Legislation is often jargon-heavy and confusing. And changes to legislation can be difficult to navigate.

The Solution: Legislation Navigation

At LION, we have in-house subject matter experts who keep up to date on market legislation and compliance issues. This means that if you ever have questions about changes, updates or compliance, there is somebody you can talk to with the answer. 

We are also members of the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation), which means that we are committed to safety and ethical trading, as well as to improving the health and safety of our employees, suppliers and customers. Being a Registered Safety Supplier means that we only sell Certified PPE and safety products that meet PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. 

We are specialists in PPE so you don’t have to be. 

Say Goodbye to Your PPE Buying Problems

LION can turn your PPE buying headache into a thing of the past by providing:

  • Managed Opinions
  • Easier Product Selection
  • Fast Deliveries
  • Instant Stock Availability
  • Outstanding Personal Service 
  • Best-Fit Products
  • Legislation Navigation

If you want to work with us, get in touch with our Business Development support to book a Discovery meeting and if you have already, we look forward to meeting you soon. 

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