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National Feet Week

National Feet Week – 8th to 14th March 2021

This week, we’re shining a light on all things feet and footwear!

Looking after your feet

When was the last time you visited a podiatrist, and had your feet checked? If it’s been a while, then it’s something important to consider. Many of us ignore common foot complaints or serious pain instead of going to see an expert. Having regular appointments, or even yearly checks can really make a difference to your life. After all, there’s lots of people who spend all day on their feet!

The best way to look after your feet, and prevent many common issues is by wearing correctly fitted shoes or boots. These need to be breathable, dry and fit your foot well. Selecting a product that’s right for you or your employees is so key to productivity and comfort. If you or your team are wearing badly designed, or ill-fitting shoes or boots, then common problems like athletes foot, ingrowing toenails and hammer toe could all become serious issues.

V12 Range

If you’re looking for advice on the best footwear for your team, then we can definitely help. We supply, with next day delivery, a huge range of footwear across many sectors. Our objective is to highlight the importance of good footwear, as well as showcase some of our top selling products for a range of industries.

We are proud to partner with one of the best footwear manufacturers in the country, and offer products which have been tested to the highest possible standard. V12 pride themselves on designing the most comfortable safety footwear for the most demanding working environments.

“We constantly invest time and resource into product development and rigourous testing to deliver durable footwear that exceeds even the most stringent safety standards” (V12)

Two of the main safety footwear products that our private and public sector customers purchase from us are noted below. The V12 Caiman boots and V12 Tiger shoes are versatile and popular in a range of industries.

The Caiman is a fantastic durable and comfortable boot for roads operatives due to its non-metallic mid-sole and 300 degree heat resistant outsole. It also proves extremely popular with the teams on Waste Collection and Land Services, as it is a lightweight boot. The Caiman is completely waterproof and breathable, and is S3 and SRC rated.

You can download the full specification sheet here, and order yours here.

The Tiger Shoe is a classic Derby uniform shoe providing unparalleled comfort, used for operatives and supervisors this also offers a heat resistant outsole and SRC slip resistance. The Tiger shoe is S3 rated too.


You can download the full specification sheet here, and order yours here.

To add to this, we also supply V12’s range of insoles. Getting the correct insoles for your shoes or boots really elevates the comfort and fit. Together with V12, Lion Safety can help you find out which insole is right for you by using their handy checking tool.

Women’s Range

We also supply a great women’s range too, as although the work women are doing is the same, their feet are not. You can see our range of women’s safety footwear by visiting our shop. We’ll be adding to our online shop soon. If there are any specific ladies footwear products that you’d like to purchase, but can’t see in our online shop, please contact us, as we will still be able to supply them.

Contact our team today, and we’ll be delighted to help you ensure that you and your employees are looking after your feet. Not just on National Feet Week, but every week.

You can get in touch by emailing, ordering through our online shop, or by calling us on 01324 474744