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How the Best Companies Leverage their Safety Suppliers

Your team is at the heart of your business. You can’t operate without them. That’s a given. Keeping them safe and providing a stress-free environment is vital to your business’s success.

But as much as your success relies on your in-house crew, it also relies on your suppliers. 

It’s crucial that not only do your suppliers ‘get’ your business, but they get your vision and your company’s inner workings – particularly with regards to health and safety risks.

Lion’s Laurie Lewis advises:  “These are the kind of questions the most successful companies ask when checking out safety suppliers and this is what you should be asking too: 

1. Does the supplier deliver an excellent service that fits our company ethos when we speak on the phone – and when they visit in  person?

2. Does this supplier adhere to the same health and safety rules my team follows when they visit us on your site?”


Don’t Let Your Supplier Pose a Risk to your Company

Companies are legally obliged to ensure safe working practises for their staff – including putting in place rigorous risk assessments to identify hazards – as we all know. But it’s not just about your in-house staff, of course – the behaviour of your suppliers and their organisations can also pose a potential risk to your company.

So it’s important to always consider the following:

1. Are you certain your suppliers also have good safety processes and policies in place? 

2. Do they ensure they adhere to those at all times?

Crucially, it’s down to you to check no-one’s cutting corners at work, including your suppliers. If an injury or fatality occurs as a direct result of the actions of a supplier – just as with your in-house crew – the resulting financial, reputational and emotional damage will be huge. This is why the best companies always work closely with their suppliers to ensure maximum compliance with the law.

The best companies vet, track and monitor their suppliers

“Choosing safe and responsible suppliers, from the start of the tendering process right through the procurement process, is so important. As is asking potential suppliers to validate their credentials before agreeing to do business,” says Laurie. “This will allow them to prove to you how safe and conscientious they are as a company.”

A Successful Supplier Relationship is an on-going process

That’s not the end of the story. Once you’re happy your supplier ticks the above boxes, you must check in regularly to make sure they’re continuing to adhere to the law – and the promises they made to you during the procurement process.

It’s your call as a business to ensure you’re compliant with the most up-to-date laws and legislation, and that you’re a responsible employer who’ll go all out to protect its staff. But, as the best companies know, it’s also down to you to ensure your trusted suppliers uphold the same values and standards – making sure they only ever enhance your company’s good reputation rather than bringing it down.

The Lion Promise: We’ve Got This

We’re the trusted suppliers to various UK government and infrastructure companies, and having been doing this for 30 years,  speak from rich experience. Every single member of the team at Lion Safety is vital to the customer service experience provided to our clients.

Warehouse Manager James McCall said, “Our warehouse team are relentless in the pursuit of excellence, getting our clients’ orders correct first time and dispatched in time is our number one focus.”

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