Take action now to prevent fall accidents from happening in your workplace.

1. Survey your business for hazards. Take note of common causes of fall incidents, including:

  • Smooth flooring
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Changes in floor height that lead to a step-up between rooms
  • Broken, cracked or uneven walkways
  • Potholes, bumps or other defects in a parking lot

2. Repair problems quickly. Schedule repairs as soon as possible. Fixes might include:

  • Changing to less slippery flooring
  • Placing flat non-slip mats with bevelled edges in strategic locations
  • Repairing or replacing damaged carpet
  • Filling parking lot potholes
  • Changing the position of gutter downspouts that pour water on walkways

3. Improve lighting. Poor lighting can contribute to falls. Check for areas with poor visibility, glare or shadows that can make it hard to spot hazards at dusk or dark. If necessary, install better lighting, especially along walkways.

4. Use safety signage. If there is an issue that can't be repaired, such as a small step-up from a lower to a higher floor, post brightly coloured warning signs. And after mopping, have employees put out "wet floor" signs or even cordon off wet areas.

5. Schedule a daily safety check. Choose a regular time each day to briefly re-check your property. Look for any issues that have popped up since your last check and address problems promptly.

6. Prepare for bad weather. Rain and ice make a normally safe surface dangerous. Put a plan in place to prevent accidents in inclement weather, including clearing snow, sprinkling salt on icy walkways and placing flat mats with non-slip backing near entryways.

7. Record everything. Every time you walk your property to check for slip and fall hazards or take a step to prevent an incident, such as sprinkling salt on icy sidewalks, document the action, date and time in a safety log.


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