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We are the easiest and fastest company to buy branded workwear and PPE from in the UK. 

Lion Safety recognises the need for fit for purpose, quality and stylish workwear from a trusted brand so we decided to create integra brand.

Each product in the integra brand is designed to increase production and minimize risks.

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A clean, fit-for-purpose, hygienic environment keeps staff and visitors safe and happy, and aids productivity. Our wide range of everyday essentials includes everything from cloths and mops to buckets and bin bags.

  • 2 Ply Centre Feed Towel Rolls White (6)
  • £19.58
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  • Blue Centre Pull Rolls 2 Ply 150m x 180mm (6)
  • £15.95
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  • Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue 2 Ply 103 186mm 250sh (36)
  • £21.18
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