Flame Retardant Clothing

  • C/HV587 FRAS Sioen Hi Vis Waterproof Trouser
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  • C/TR5726 Cantex FRAS Cargo Trouser
  • From £96.79
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  • Flame Retardant Anti Static Waistcoat
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  • Flame Retardant Corporate Trousers
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Make sure you have the protection you need with Lion Safety’s high-quality flame retardant clothing. From flame retardant coveralls and boiler suits to T-shirts and neck-warmers, our flame retardant clothing range has been designed to allow you to layer up for even the most demanding environment, delivering exceptional flame resistance without compromising on comfort or freedom of movement.

We’ve put together a selection of flame retardant clothing that reflects some of the most significant developments in safety-wear, and includes top brands such as integra.wear, Nomex and Cantext, plus a choice of Hi Vis flame retardant clothing for the most hazardous conditions. Whether you’re working at the roadside or an industrial plant, make our flame retardant coveralls, jackets, trousers and shirts your first choice for protection around ignition and heat sources , plus effective defence against arc flash too. Gone are the days when flame retardant clothing had to bulky and restrictive, the latest developments in fabrics and technology mean you can achieve exceptional levels of protection without impeding your normal working activities. Made from lightweight materials combined with rigorous construction techniques, our flame retardant coveralls, boiler-suits, jackets and  trousers offer excellent moisture control and breathability, enabling you to wear them for extended periods in complete comfort.

Choose from our selection and you can assemble a complete set of flame retardant clothing very affordably - from T-shirts, polos and fleeces to the latest developments in outerwear and flame retardant coveralls. The flame resistance is inherent in the materials used so you can be sure that flame retardant clothing from Lion Safety provides the peace of mind you need to focus on the job in-hand and not the clothes you’re wearing. Gear up with flame retardant clothing that offers superior protection whether you’re engaged in commercial, industrial, offshore or public service.