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Christmas Jumper Day

This year we decided to support Save the Children and all participate in Christmas Jumper Day.

Save the Children have been working in the UK to help education continue even though schools closed, they’ve made a brand-new hub for families called The Den. It’s full of stuff to help children get creative and fire up their imagination while they’re at home.

Many countries that they work in already have fragile health systems. If coronavirus hits them hard, vulnerable communities in refugee camps, conflict zones, and urban slums will struggle to cope. Their teams are already working tirelessly to protect children, particularly those in areas where it’s virtually impossible to practice social distancing and safe hand-washing. And they’re supporting parents to protect themselves and their children, both physically and mentally.

As well as all this Save the Children have been providing protective equipment, medical supplies and training for local health workers. They are also working with local health authorities to set up hospitals to treat and isolate patients with coronavirus.

One of the main things that Save the Children help with is education. They have been helping children to learn remotely and giving guidance to parents on how to support their children’s learning. They’ve been getting books and educational resources to the poorest families and they’ll support children to return to school when it’s safe.


Below are some pictures of the fun day we had raising money for this great charity.