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How to Buy from Lion Safety Today

Let’s face it, sometimes planning goes out the window and you need kit, like, yesterday. That’s ok. We understand that there are occasions you don’t have the time to go through the entire sales process and need to buy products immediately. 

Whether it be a supplier letdown or other unforeseen circumstances that have put you in the pressure cooker of PPE lead times vs project start times, don’t worry – there are some solutions available.

Here’s a run-down of what we will cover in this article, so you can race ahead if you’re already against the clock:

I’m not an existing customer

Ok, don’t panic. You don’t have to have an account to buy from us; you can order online and check out as a guest.

How to place an order without an account

You can order over the phone on 01324 474 744 or place an order online via our online shop.

How to order online without an account:

  1. Visit our online shop
  1. Find the items you’d like to buy and check if they are in stock:
  1. If an item is in stock, it will show in green with a quantity, e.g ‘4 In Stock’
  1. If the item says ‘Available to Order’ or ‘Out of Stock’ the item will not be available for fast delivery, as it will be subject to lead times.
  1. Add the items to your basket
  1. Once you’ve found the items you require, view your basket and check the sizes/quantities selected.
  1. If you’re happy, click ‘Checkout’ and then select ‘Continue as Guest’

If there’s a product you want that you don’t see, call us on 01324 474 744 to chat to a member of the team about it.

How to set up an account today

You might be wondering what the benefit of setting up an account is. The most obvious benefit here is that you’ll have an Account Manager. This person will look after you and will be your first port of call for any questions. Other benefits include having credit terms, and stock holding agreements available to you. 

There are two types of accounts at Lion Safety:

  1. Online Shop Account (Credit card/Sage pay/Opayo) 
  1. Trade Account (Credit Terms) 

How to set up an Online Shop Account and buy today:

  • Go to sign-in/register
  • Select ‘create account’
  • Fill in details and get signed in
  • Find the items you want and add them to the cart
  • Go to checkout
  • Pay by card 

How to set up a Trade Account:

  • Go to sign-in/register
  • Request a trade account
  • Complete the form
  • A member of the team will be in touch to discuss your application and take it forward

Which is better: Online shop vs trade account?

Our Online Shop Account is not the same as a Trade Account, as it is just an account for the online shop, whereas the Trade Account allows you to apply for credit terms. However, the Online Shop Account is better if you buy one or two products at a time and don’t buy as frequently.

Setting up a Trade Account might be a better option for you if you order more frequently and need to manage the cash flow of your business. With a Trade Account, you will also have access to a tailored product and price list. 

If you did need to buy something today, a Trade Account is not the best option for you. It can take a few days to set up depending on whether or not the onboarding forms are filled in correctly etc. You can always set up one later. 

I am an existing customer

How can I order from Lion today?

You can order online using the online portal.

If you don’t already have an account on the portal, you can reach out to the sales team, who will get you set up with access. Within 15-20 minutes, you’ll get an email from the portal to start the process of logging in. 

Once you’ve logged in you’ll have access to your special pricing, and previous order history (it will take a few minutes to sync on our system). Once online, you’ll be able to browse through categories to find the items you’re looking for.

If the item is shown in green with the stock figure, this product will be available for instant shipping and next day delivery for anywhere in the UK excluding highlands and islands (these areas normally receive items within 2-3 days).

Can’t find what you’re looking for online? Call Lion Safety on 01324 474 744, or you can speak to one of our advisors on our online chat. If we can’t find the exact product you want, or if we don’t carry that item, we will let you know and we may refer you to another supplier for that item.

No access to ordering online? Send us an email with your order details confirming your delivery address, invoice address and the quantity of each item and we’ll get your orders shipped to you as quickly as possible. Alternately, you can give us a call and we will take your order over the phone (the good old fashioned way)!

How can I order branded uniforms from Lion Safety today?

If you urgently need branded uniforms and are not set up on the portal already, you’ll need to reach out to your account manager or give us a call. 

If you are likely to order branded items frequently from us, please let us know and we will get these items added to the web portal within a week. Otherwise, our branding process is as follows:

If a logo is set up:

If you already have a logo set up for branding with us, the process is easier. All you need to do is tell us what logo you want, where you want it, and whether it is embroidery or heat seal.

Embroidery lead times: we aim to complete in 5-7 days.

Heat seal: if we do not have any of your branding in stock, we need to order these from our supplier which takes 5 days. Because of this, the lead time can be longer. 

There may also be delays if there is a backlog of orders all requiring branding. If this is the case, your account manager will let you know. 

If a logo isn’t set up:

If you don’t have a logo set up and you require branding, there are a few things we need to get the process going. We need:

  • A jpg of the logo design
  • All Pantone colours required in the design
  • The sizing of the logo you require on the garment
  • The location(s) of the design on the garment.

The process from there is:

With embroidery, we send the design and other information to Brand UK. They come back, usually within 24 hours, with the number of stitches required to make the design, the size, and the artwork of what it will look like when stitched onto the garment. They then send us a file that we use to do the embroidery. 

With heat seal, it is much the same process, minus the stitching information, and can take 24-48 hours to get back to us.

Please note: there is a minimum order quantity of 10 if you have not already got heat seal logos set up.

Both go through quality checks before they are approved. 

How do I pay?

If you are not a customer

You will be required to pay by card or BACS transfer at the point of order.

If you have an Online Shop Account

You will be required to pay by card at the point of order.

If you have a Trade Account

You will be required to pay by credit card or BACS transfers. With a trade account, you have the option to set up a credit account. To do this, you will need to fill out a credit application. If approved, your credit limit will be agreed upon by you and our finance team. Our standard terms are 30 days. 

If ordering over the phone, we will ask for your credit or debit card details, and the registered address of the card. Don’t worry, these are taken in line with our GDPR policy and cyber security accreditation.

Bank Details and Supplier Set-up

If you need our bank details, please request them here.

We understand that many of our clients will have their own bespoke supplier information onboarding forms. While we are happy to complete these, we do have our own document with most (if not all) of the information you require about us ready to send to you. This can speed up the process as well. If you’re interested, just request our document here. 

Please note that we cannot set anybody up as a client until they have completed their Lion Safety client onboarding forms. Ensure all initial details are correct for future invoicing, as any errors can cause delays in processing.

If you have any further questions about payment you can call us on 01324 474 744 and ask to speak to our Finance Team or email us here.

I need to place an order today

Life happens and sometimes you need things fast. If you haven’t ordered from us before, there are options that mean you can order your items today. You can:

If you are an existing client, your options are:

  • Use the portal, or request access to the portal 

If you have any questions at all, call us on 01324 474 744.

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