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What do I need to do before my Discovery meeting with LION?

You’ve booked a discovery call with Lion, and now you may be asking yourself, is this going to be worth my time? Is this company the right partner for me? In this article, we’re going to walk you through what to expect and help you identify if you’re a good fit to work with LION. If you change your mind and decide you aren’t a good fit and to cancel your meeting with us, no worries, we hope you find the perfect solution for you. 

What is a Discovery meeting with LION?

A Discovery meeting with LION is typically 30-60 minutes long via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or face-to-face with one or more of our Key Business Development team members and all key decision makers at your company (more on who needs to be at a Discovery meeting below). The Discovery meeting is a structured meeting, with clear objectives. Please note if this meeting is via Teams or Zoom, we request that you have your cameras on – it’s harder to have a meaningful conversation with a blank screen.

In our meeting we will cover these questions:

  • What are the clear outcomes that you are looking to accomplish?
  • What additional questions do we have about what it means to partner with LION?
  • What will this cost?
  • What needs to happen before we can begin with LION?

Who needs to join a Discovery meeting with LION?

Every key decision-maker that is involved in the review and procurement of workwear, PPE and safety equipment must be at the Discovery meeting. 

Ok, so what is a ‘key decision maker’? This is our definition of a key decision-maker:

  • Any person whose responsibility it is to select workwear, PPE and equipment for your company
  • Any person who has an impact on what workwear, PPE and safety equipment is selected
  • Any person from Health and Safety, Operations, Directors, Marketing, HR, Procurement or similar whose role involves ensuring staff have the correct kit
  • Budget Holders
  • Leaders of PPE working groups (if applicable)
  • If you already have Union involvement in PPE, workwear and equipment decisions, a representative must be at the Discovery meeting. Going forward you will need to work as one team.

You may be thinking, why so many people? The answer here is simple: going forward, you will need to work together as one team, united in your purpose to achieve your shared goals. Too often, we see clients who are held back by internal politics, miscommunications and other setbacks that stem from the lack of cohesion between their key decision-makers. For this reason, it is a requirement that all of your key decision-makers are in the metaphorical room from the very beginning. 

Why do I need to have a Discovery meeting with LION?

Too often, we get asked, “Can’t you just send me the information about your services and prices and we can have a meeting if the price is right?” This is a big red flag for us. We can say straight off the bat that we will not be the cheapest supplier out there. We are probably toward the more expensive end of that scale. That’s because our service is bespoke and tailored to your goals and requirements. We are more than PPE suppliers; we work in partnership with our clients to ensure they never need to worry about buying PPE, workwear and equipment again. The best way for us to determine what our partnership will look like is by having a Discovery meeting with all key decision makers. Giving all key decision-makers the space to openly voice their concerns, opinions, worries, fears, and anxieties is a great way to start your journey towards a better buying experience. 

What do I need to do before my Discovery meeting with LION? 

Before your Discovery meeting you must do the following:

  • Read ‘Is LION the right fit for me?’
  • Read ‘What to expect when working with LION’
  • Forward this document and the above documents to all key decision-makers who will attend the meeting. 
  • Let our Business Development team know which decision-makers need to be added to the meeting invite. 

Don’t forget to turn those cameras on! 

If you have any more questions or wish to book a Discovery meeting, reach out to our Business Development support. 

See you at the Discovery meeting! 

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